1. Plan It

No need for hidden treasures here. Simply create a basic drawing, pointing out locations for all “important & must have” items. Then post it to the wall, never forget where anything is again!

2. Always Have Storage Zone With You

Pay your bill, find your gate code, and you may even reserve another unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Use your phone or tablet to access your account at MYSTORAGEZONE.COM

3. Leave An Aisle

Make sure you have a way to access your belongings at the back of your storage space. We can guarantee you’ll be back to find that turkey pan during the holidays, or that one toy that your child simply cannot live without! Granted, that same toy hasn’t been touched in at least six months, but you try reasoning with a four year old!

4. Front It

Make sure to keep your frequently used items at the front of your unit.

5. Stack It When You Pack It

Use your space efficiently, be sure to pack your items to the ceiling. To complete this safely, pack heavy items in the bottom of your boxes to provide stability, then place the largest and heaviest boxes at the bottom of the stack. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

6. Don’t Over-reach

Keep a stepstool or small safety ladder inside your unit for accessing items above your head. When you are tempted to over-reach you place yourself in a dangerous situation.

7. Right Tools at the Right Time

Keeping some basic tools like a hammer, multi-tip screwdriver, pliers and a utility knife in a small pouch or box will provide just the right help at just the right moment. Like making a large table with bulky legs half the size by removing the legs and table leaf.

8. Let It Breathe

Give at least an inch between each new stack of boxes to provide maximum air circulation.

9. Take Advantage of Every Square Inch

Use the interiors of vacant space for anything that will fit. Empty refrigerator? Fill it with books, and CDs, just leave the door open a small crack for circulation.

10. Keep It Under Wrap

Beds and furniture may require protective covering, and there are materials designed specifically to ensure they remain in perfect condition. Mattress covers, furniture pads, and shrink wrap are just a few wonderful tools to keep all your treasures pristine.

11. Fumes Are Not Our Friend

Drain fuel tanks of gas operated equipment including but not limited to lawnmowers, weedwackers, generators, and leaf blowers. Removing nasty fumes means you will never be upset by your fine oak chest smelling like your lawn mower.

12. Maintenance Request

You may always stop by the office for any maintenance request during office hours. We know you have a busy schedule, so please use our online maintence request form to fix any issue you may encounter during your stay. Visit MYSTORAGEZONE.COM